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Salt Body Scrub - Lavender

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Looking for that SPA treatment at home? Try a Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub!

The calming scent of Lavender essential oil as well as lavender buds will help exfoliate your skin, all while calming your soul.

While in a hot shower, apply the Salt Scrub to your skin and gently scrub. The dead sea salt, essential oils and dried herbs will leave your skin feeling fresh, while the sweet almond oil will preserve your skins natural oils and keep it soft. After exfoliating, lightly rinse off the salt. Pat yourself dry with your towel instead of wiping so the oils have a chance to absorb into your pores. Using the scrub only once a week is recommended.

8-9 ounces of scrub are included in each recyclable GLASS container! Wash it out really good when done and reuse the container for many different purposes. Alternately, bring it back to me at a market and I'll get you a discount on your next scrub purchase!

The almond oil settles naturally, so make sure to give it a good stir before each use. Be cautious in the shower with glass please!

Lavender: Dead Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender E/O, Dried Lavender Buds

*phthalate and paraben free

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